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Brickhouse Grill

Jonesboro, AR - September 3, 2010

Set 1
Dreaming Without Sleeping, California > Ride Together, Germinatin' Seed, I've Been Seeking, Been So Long > Jezebel, Greta Ties Up Horses, Monsters at the Gate, Fallen Angel, Rapture1, Garden (Part I) (The) > Garden (Part II) (The)2 > Garden (Part III) (The) > Dual Drum Solo > Precious Stone > Can You Guess It?

Sex in the '70s3

Show Notes:
1Josh announces dance competition during rest of set. Cochrane was the judge. Girl that won got something to do with ice cream...
2w/ Shakedown St. teases
3w/ Hangin' Tough & This Land Is Your Land teases.

Co-bill, TLG closes. w/ Cochrane McMillan (Apollo Sunshine) on percussion. Josh and Trevor sat in with Hill Country Revue.
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