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Birmingham, AL - March 13, 2007

Set 1
Rapture, Lil Hood, Stormcloud, Devil's Pay (The), Las Vegas, Georgie P, Make A Connection, Jezebel, Can't Get High, These Two Chairs

Set 2
Apocalyptic Cowboy, Cops Took My Weed1, Asphalt Funk, One Reason, Criminal Intent, All of Your Cigarettes, Ride Together > Hard Travelin'2 > Ride Together, Taught to be Proud > Kali-Yuga3, Bouncin' Betty4, Emma Lee, Miss Mae

Show Notes:
1w/ Trevor on harmonica
2Woody Guthrie cover
3w/ "Third Stone from the Sun" (Jimi Hendrix) tease
4w/ "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" (Jimi Hendrix)

Who Attended
young and in the way
Album Breakdown