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San Francisco, CA - November 21, 2002

Set 1
Dreaming Without Sleeping, All of Your Cigarettes, Darkened Hall, An Aeroplane (Has Never Seen It), Not Fit, Strange Ode to Nature, It Must Have Been the Roses1, Rattlin', Ignoring the Oracle

Set 2
I Got No Friends in Arizona, Greta Ties Up Horses, Heavy Machinery, Marketplace, Taught to be Proud, Drink of Streams, Pretty Jane, Don't Let It Down, You Shook Me All Night Long2

Set 3
Kali-Yuga, Jubilee, Ride Together > Bound for Glory > Ride Together, Papa's in the Backroom, I Believe, Planet of Green Love, California, Deep River3, Beehive

Show Notes:
1Grateful Dead cover
2AC/DC cover
3w/ backup vocals by Samantha Stollenwerck

Performed as Coffee Bean Brown, Trevor played classical guitar and harmonica as well as keys, Josh played the mandolin and acoustic guitar, Ben and Scott played their regular instruments, Debbie Stewart rounded out the band playing the cello for most of the show, All songs in the first and second set were first time played except for Don't Be Down and Rattlin'
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